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Our Woofin' Reviews

dog training client mika

Anyone who picks Amanda Garrow as their dog trainer will be equipped with tools and knowledge to train their puppy or dog with ease and confidence. She has spent years working in her field and above all else, she has a passion for what she does and this comes through in her teaching. I took several course from her from potty to beginner's class and through her I was able to teach my puppy the tools I needed to achieve my goals of having a well rounded puppy that could go out anywhere in the world and behave and be safe. Amanda cares for animals and gives the new owners a sense of confidence to go forward with their new family member. I would highly recommend Amanda as a dog trainer.

-----Anna D-----

dog training client mully

Amanda is amazing! I took my mini schnauzer, Mulligan, for several training classes and could not have been happier with the result! I love how Amanda gives a thorough explanation of why we do (and don't do) certain things so you can understand why these methods really work! She is always open to answering any questions you have for ongoing support even after training classes have concluded. I would recommend Amanda to anyone, she really knows her stuff!

----- Nicole G.W.-----

dog training client murphy

We recently had the most amazing experience with Amanda! From the moment she walked in our door, our pup was extremely comfortable with her, even WITH her mask on! She explained everything we wanted to work towards, and why. Including explaining it to our 3 kiddos who range in age from 5 to 10. Our pup was very engaged and has continued to respond very well. I highly recommend Amanda for very positive, reward focused training!

-----Lori K-----


Cannot possible say enough good things about Amanda, as a trainer. She's amazing, and I pass along her information to everyone! Amanda has oodles upon oodles of certifications, as well as an incredible love for animals to draw upon, and it shows! She is also fully aware of how to deal with us two-leggers, and get through to us in ways that cement our training into our brains!... After all "dog training" IS people training, and we're so grateful to have the best instructor!

----- Kimberly F.-----

dog training client Mochi

I highly recommend Amanda for all first time dog owners or dog owners that have a stubborn breed! She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Her tips and advice definitely helped us with our dog's reactivity. Would recommend her in a heartbeat to all our friends and family. ----- Elizabeth W.

puppy training

Amanda is a fantastic trainer. She is knowledgeable, caring, and very patient. Amanda's love for dogs and positive nature makes class engaging and fun for both pup and owner. Amanda has a tremendous amount of experience in a wide range of training and behavioral situations. I'd highly recommend working with Amanda. You will not be disappointed!

----- Shirly H.-R.-----

puppy training Awesome

Amanda is a fantastic trainer. She understands and works well with all types of dogs and behavioral issues. She uses positive reward methods and obviously cares about the dogs and their humans.

----- Diane S.-----

dog training client

Amanda is a wealth of training knowledge! She is kind, and passionate about what she does. Not only does she have a way with dogs, but she is also amazing at teaching their humans as well! I have learned a lot from Amanda, and I recommend her for your training needs, from basics to reactivity.

----- Jessie G.-----

puppy training Maverick

Seriously love Amanda! She's so fun and uses only reward based training! It's perfect for our big pooch!

----- Madde G.-----

puppy training

Amanda is kind, caring, knowledgeable, and confident, all important qualities when looking for a trainer to trust your dogs with. If you're looking for a quality, force free trainer, for a simple fix or more complex issues, she is your gal!

----- Taylor H.-----

dog training calgary

Amanda is incredibly patient, kind and loving to all her pet students! She has lots of wonderful training methods and ideas to share.

----- Jenny T.-----

dog training calgary

Amanda is the best. As a first time dog owner, I was lost in everything that needed to be done/thought with Nala. Amanda was there for me every step of the way to help me become a better dog owner. She was always calm, patient, positive. And most important of all; she loves her job!

----- Caroline L.-----

Dog training client Birdie

Amanda is fantastic! So patient and knowledgeable! She takes the time to get to know you "fur baby" and you! The results are amazing! Planning on booking for our 9 month mini schnauzer for further training and our new puppy for her Level 1 class!

----- Kathie G.-----

dog training calgary

Amanda is a trainer who listens. She is knowledgeable, patient, and gentle - she meets you (and your dog!) exactly where you are in your journey. Amanda doesn't use fear and shame to convince you that her way is the "only" way - she uses her experience, evidence, and observation to come up with a strategy that will work perfectly for YOUR dog, not somebody else's. Our rescue dog Nutmeg has made huge strides thanks to her training and we're so grateful for her guidance.

----- Allie P.-----

dog training airdrie

Amanda is highly knowledgeable and worked with our dog from 6 months old to 2 years using positive and effective training methods! She is personable and cares deeply about the animals that she works with! Amanda breaks the training into manageable steps and holds you accountable for the training and enrichment your dog needs! Plus, our dog LOVED Amanda!

----- Annie W. -----


Amanda helped train our mini schnoodle who has anxiety issues. She is patient and kind and provides clear instruction when teaching. She is always ready to answer questions and explains everything is detail until you get it! I would highly recommend reaching out to Tiarific Canine and working with Amanda.

----- Rita S. -----

dog trainer

I remember meeting Amanda when I purchased my first dog about 2 years ago, and like any new pet owner the anxiety of the unknown was quite overwhelming. Amanda was instrumental in providing me with the confidence to cater to my dog and 2 years an even better bond. Her expertise is unrivalled, def check her out.
----- Abdul A -----

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