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What methods do you use?
Reward based training methods using rewards the dog is motivated by (treats, pets, praise, toys etc).
We do NOT use any aversives including choke, prong collars, e collars, shock collars etc.

What are your training qualifications?
Amanda is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, has her Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Psychology from Ambrose University. She is also a PS Accredited Dog Trainer with over 13 years experience. She has her Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer Certification (ABCDT) from Animal Behavior College.

The entire team is covered under ProFur Insurance and has their Canine First Aid and CPR.

Is my dog too old?

It is never too late to train your dog! The oldest dog I have ever had in group lessons was 14! Training is about building the bond with your dog and setting them up for success.

Do you have a physical facility?
We are a mobile company which means we come directly to you.

What is the recommended age to start?

You can start before you bring your puppy home if you are looking for a consult in how to set the home and family up for success. 

Puppies must have their first set of shots if not interacting with other dogs.

Puppies interacting with other dogs must have their second set of shots.

Recommended Vaccinations?

Puppies less than 16 weeks are recommended to have their second dose of DA2PP.

Puppies older than 16 weeks -  DA2PP and Rabies.

It is also highly recommended to vaccinate against Bordatella and have your dog on a flea and tick preventative.

Equipment required?

For training - a standard 4-6 foot leash, flat collar or harness (no choke or prong), a variety of small bite treats.

For caretaking - we walk the dog on either a hands free leash or a long line (provided by the caretaker). We also require some treats/food.

Who can be included in the session?

For private training clients, the entire family is invited to be included in the session.

Do you do pack walks?

No, we do not do pack walks.

Since we have a ton of reactive clients, we know how important it is to be able to do individual walks.

All walks are done 1 on 1 with the caretaker, unless you approve the caretakers dog to be included in the service.

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