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Amanda Garrow: Owner and Lead Trainer

Growing up, I always wanted to work with animals. In 2013 I graduated from Ambrose University College with my Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Psychology with the hopes of being a Veterinarian. This didn't work out, and my friend at the time suggested that I apply to be a dog trainer.  I worked 10 years as the Area Dog Trainer at a large retail corporation. During that time I achieved my Dog Trainer Accreditation, and ABCDT certification. In April 2021 I started Tiarific Canine. In October 2021, I achieved one of the highest designations you can achieve as a professional dog trainer, my CPDT-KA. I believe in constantly educating myself on the most up to date reward based, positive reinforcement, force and fear free methods and recently became a Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer.

My obsession with dogs started at a young age. When I was 10 we got our first family dog, a black Labrador Retriever, named Tyson. In 2010 I rescued Tia from an owner euthanasia. She had lived the last year in a garage without any human or dog contact so did not trust anyone or anything. I worked tirelessly with her, and by the end of her life she lived with another dog and loved people; she's the main reason why I became a dog trainer. In January 2022 I had to send my Sadie girl over the Rainbow Bridge due to lymphoma. She was my demo dog for over 8 years and I miss her so much.

Currently at home I have a 13 year old fluffy corgi named Mika. I also am a single mom to my 8 year old son Brett.

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Animal Caretaker

Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a lover of all animals. I have two bunnies, Maya and Pica and two grandbuns Reese and Ash. I have so much love for these little guys they are excellent communicators.


I have had a dog(s) my whole life. Every dog that my family has owned, I always end up being their person. I give them all my love and make sure they lead long happy lives. Both of my dogs died of old age this past year. I miss them both dearly, I am not ready to replace them yet. So, I treasure the time I'm allowed to walk, play with and love your fur baby.

Calgary Dog


Animal Caretaker

Hi friends!

My name is Amy, and I am a dogaholic. The obsession began at an early age, and has since only grown stronger. I truly can’t see any part of my future as not having some sort of fur baby by my side to take care of and spend my days with! Life is just so much better with a pet to share  it with and smother with love, in my humble opinion. 


When I was just 5, and my younger sister Mel was 3, our parents so bravely and generously brought home our first dog - a pure bread Tibetan Terrier whom me fondly named “Tucker”. Growing up with cats, we quickly learned that a dog in the household requires a special kind of care. They become a member of the family before you can even blink! We loved and cherished him to the ripe age of 16, when I learned the hard way just how it is to lose a loved one. We miss you, Tuck! (I know he’s enjoying all the treats past the rainbow bridge)


In 2012 I began my journey working with dogs by starting right in the deep end - as a Kennel Technician in one of Canada’s largest vet owned facilities. From the start, no matter how much information was thrust in my direction, and attention to detail was required, and how much the job evolved every day, I knew right away that I had found my calling. There truly is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s cherished family pet every morning, tail-wagging, toe-tapping, the happiest smile; I knew I was doing something meaningful. More importantly, I knew the friends I was making (fur & without fur) were for life. Since beginning this journey, I have gained memories and also lots of experience in dog-handling, training, socializing, animal-wellness, and first aid training. I wouldn’t trade any of the experience for all the money in the world. 


Now in 2024, I live happily with my dog “Tater-Tot” - a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound adopted in 2013 with a rambunctious and hard-to-please personality - full time, and part time babysitting my Dad’s special boy “Nixon” - a Standard Pit/Boxer mix with plenty of surprise special needs, who fell into our lives after a Facebook rehoming gone awry. Even though I love these babies with everything I have, I still have plenty more to give, and they are happy to share their momma with your special fur-babies  ♡


I can’t wait to meet them and start this new journey together!


Animal Caretaker

My love of animals started at a young age where I was only allowed caged or tanked animals, and upgraded to unlimited cats and dogs as soon as I moved out. I luckily have enough self restraint to only adopt 2 dogs and 2 senior cats so far, but have fostered well over 200 dogs and cats in various rescue organizations since 2012! During this time, I have met and rehabilitated all sorts of personalities and have found my passion in caring for those who are shy, have medical needs (especially seniors!), or those who just need the extra love to be the happiest fur companion they can be. 

When I'm not tending to my dogs & cats & fosters, you can find me volunteering in animal rescue, playing as many sports as I can (I love ball hockey, paddling, foosball and wall climbing at the moment!), browsing the internet for cat memes, or renovating my house to be more pet friendly! 

Looking forward to helping you care for your fubabies soon! 


Animal Caretaker

Hey, my name is Meeka!


Since I can remember my family has always had at least 2 dogs while growing up. Since we lived on an acreage we had a lot of room for them, along with the other farm animals. My first furry friend was Rudy! He was a Boston terrier, pug mix that I got when I was 5. He was a big handful from a puppy all the way till a few years ago. My family also had the beautiful company of my sister's dachshund, Ariel, the family Golden Retriever and boxer, Toby and Oscar. 


 When we had to move, we only had my dog, Rudy, left, but soon got a new puppy Cinder, a boxer mastiff, and the amazing boxer Lex. After Rudy's passing, I've rescued 3 loving cats, Poe, Pablo and Rin!


 I've always known from a young age that I wanted to work with animals whether it be in water or on land. I've volunteered at scars while living in my hometown and now have the pleasure of volunteering at Tails to Tell in Crossfield. I always love helping walk and socialize the animals. I cannot wait to meet and get to know your furry families!


Animal Caretaker

Hello! My name is Lisa, I grew up with lots of dogs and cats. Even then I always wanted more. A few years ago it occurred to me I could volunteer at an animal rescue and spend time with lots of dogs and cats! Three years later I am a regular volunteer and I handle their intake meds too. Through the rescue I met other animal caretakers and was connected with Amanda and Tiarific Canine. Very quickly I have grown to love this company, and this group. Another great way to spend time with dogs and cats! 


I am also currently a cat mom to two cats, Finnigan (orange) is a goofy cuddle bug, and Jack (brown) is a grumpy old man in a six year old's body. I love them both to pieces 


Animal Caretaker

Hi, I’m Jen and I am a caretaker for Calgary North!
I have been a dog lover all my life, starting way back when I was a kid in Australia and my
parents brought Rupert the Great Dane X into our lives, rescued from another family that
thought him “aggressive” … he was wonderful addition to our family and a big cuddler! Right
now, I have a beautiful 4-year-old Australian Labradoodle - Luna, who has been part of our
family since she was 8 weeks old.
Luna is a very social dog and gets along great with other dogs and people. I currently care for
my daughters’ dogs Hugo (Great Dane cross) and Luke (Pomeranian cross) in my home for
anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks and Luna is always happy to see them.
I have a large backyard for playtime and can take long or short walks depending on our visitors’
needs and the weather. My husband and son (16) are also avid dog lovers and cuddlers, so
your fur-baby will not want for love and affection when staying with us.
I look forward to making sure your pet is loved and well taken care of when you need extra help.


Animal Caretaker

Hi, I'm Rachael. I grew up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and we had many pets of all varieties. Birds, rabbits, squirrels, hamsters, a monkey, many, many dogs, frogs, fish... the list goes on. When my family migrated to Canada, one dog came with us. We've always been a family with pets. My training is in the visual arts and I worked in the cultural sector for over twenty years. I'm married with two grown sons and now a grand-mum to two fur balls as both my sons have dogs. The dog with me in the photos is Nora, we spend a lot of time together as she was diagnosed with juvenile canine diabetes at 11 months old and is insulin dependent, so I became her (almost) fulltime caregiver. Nora re-ignited my love of dogs and I now enjoy spending time with four-legged clients whenever I can.

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